The Box List

The Michelin Archive is accessible to you both here on the site and at Stoke-on-Trent City Archives. Cataloguing each item in the collection’s 206 boxes and 58 parcels is yet to be undertaken but our archivist has prepared an overview of what the collection contains – this is called a “box list”. We hope you enjoy browsing through this list; you can visit us at the Archives to access any of this material, though we request that you contact us in advance of a visit to let us know the material you’d like to see so that we can have it waiting for you.

View the box list

How to Browse The Box List (and Other Sections)

When you view the box list, or view records related to one of our In Depth subjects, you’re using our online collections platform. By default this will show you the details of the particular record or section you’re viewing, but you can also use this platform to navigate through the collection by clicking on the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab.


The hierarchy displays the archive collection’s records in a “tree” structure and will automatically expand the “branch” which contains the record you’re currently viewing – its title will also be in bold. You can click the [+] and [-] check boxes to expand and contract the other sections of the collection, and click on a record’s title to view its details.


To quickly get back to the “tree” structure, click on the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab once again. If the last record you selected isn’t immediately noticeable in the tree – a common occurrence in larger sections like the Box List – you can click the “Jump to this document in the hierarchy” text to automatically scroll to the correct place in the structure.